A downloadable game

A real-time space multiplayer game.

Match your skills against your friends in an all out deathMatch!

Supports up to 4 people simultaneously on the same iPad.

● Smash fighters into enemy hulls.
● Launch Destroyers and BattleStars against fortified positions.
● Send Shockwaves careening across the screen to wipe out entire fleets.
● Defend your bases with shields and rotating cannons.
● Convert enemy ships and bases to your own with Energy Field Computers.
● Upgrade your Fighter Launcher to horrifying levels!
● Team up with your friend for 2v2 battles.
● Create a Season with up to 16 people for 12 weeks of insanity and mayhem!

Battle Decks are key to victory.
Each Deck will consist of a different set of cards.
Cards are used during battle to launch ships, shoot massive laser beams, and
much more.

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